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Brick veneer replacement


Thursday 16 November – Update

Hello Bluff Country Village Townhome Residents,

Brick work has been completed on seven of the nine approved garages. We anticipate being finished with all repairs at the end of Friday.

We thank you for your patience as we completed this project in the midst of cold conditions which slowed our progress.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact your property manager.

Thank you!



Thursday 9th November – Update

Hello Bluff Country Village Townhome residents,

We have completed our first unit, as pictured below. Dumpster will be moved today (Thursday) and our crew will be onto the next units.




Monday 6th November – Update

Hello Bluff Country Village Townhome residents,

Demolition of four (of nine total) garage header façades started and completed last week.

The remaining five will be demo’d this week. Installation of the new brick façades is occurring this week and we anticipate two to be completed before week’s end.

Weather is cold and slowing progress; in general we need temperatures to be consistently above freezing for placing mortar / concrete mix. If temperatures cause significant disruption or job-site difficult we will tarp the work areas to retain heat.

Brick is to match as closely as possible to the surrounding, previously existing materials. New mortar will fade in once settled and dry.

Work duration is still expected to be two weeks until full completion.

Thank you for your patience.


Friday 27th October – Update 

Hello Bluff Country Village Townhomes residents,

Brick repairs and tuck-pointing work is expected to begin mid next week at nine different garage units throughout your association.

We anticipate a total project duration of 12 working days with a 3-person crew, with each garage unit facade requiring 1-2 days weather permitting.

Please note: water access at each unit will be required to properly clean, prep and install the new materials. We believe that the water spigot is located in the garage for each property. We will confirm next week the best process to access these spigots.

As work us underway, we will be sure to provide another update or two. Please check back here for these updates or contact your property manager with any immediate questions, comments.

Thank you!



Monday 2nd October – Update 

Hello Bluff Country Village Townhome residents!

We will be performing brick veneer replacement at various garage door headers throughout the association. This work is expected to begin toward the end of this week & with a duration of approximately one business week.

The work scope consists of remove brick above the garage doors, installing new wall ties and vapor barrier, rebuild with weep system, and reset brick with mortar. We have sent brick/mortar samples to your Board for review and approval and the new materials are to match as closely as possibly to the existing materials. Note: due to age, wear and tear and weathering, an exact match is not possible but we will do our best to keep the proper aesthetic.

The addresses where work will occur are as follows: 9796, 9798, 9800, 9802, 9820, 9822, 9824, 9826.

Thank you! Please contact your property manager with any questions, comments or concerns. We will update this blog page with another progress update and some photos as work begins.