Project Blog

Monday 30th April, 2018

Hello Condos at Shenandoah residents,

We completed all major roofing work on Saturday. This week, weather permitting, we will complete our final clean-up to ensure that we have properly disposed of all materials, nails and miscellaneous debris. Final inspections will be completed this week as well with the City of Shakopee. As we complete our clean-up, should you have any questions or comments please direct them to your property manager and we will address accordingly.

Additionally, a reminder that members of our team will be onsite this Wednesday morning from 8:15 AM – 9:15 AM with muffins and coffee! Look for the PCS tent in the middle of your association and please feel free to stop by as we say thank you for working with us.


Friday 27th April, 2018

Hello Condos at Shenandoah Residents,

Good progress has being made this week and we are halfway through all work.

Buildings 5 and 8 were completed Wednesday and our crew started on Buildings 1 and 14 yesterday. These roofs should be done Tuesday, weather permitting, which will conclude. We will work on Saturday (but not Sunday) of this weekend to stay on pace. We did have one incident with nails in a vehicle tire. As a reminder, please use caution with your vehicles around the job-site and the work zones nearby the dumpsters/disposal zones.

Thank you!


Monday 23rd April, 2018

Dear Condos at Shenandoah Residents,

We have begun roofing work this morning on the first 2 buildings per the construction schedule. Work is moving along well…it’s a beautiful day to shingle! Materials, dumpsters and portable toilet have all arrived on site as of this morning, and on time. We will plan to begin the last two grouping of two buildings on Thursday, weather permitting.

Please contact your property manager with any comments, questions or concerns.

Thank you.

Monday 16th April, 2018

Dear Condos at Shenandoah Residents,

Shingle replacement will be occurring soon at your Association. We would like to remind you of important details that will help ensure a smooth & enjoyable construction project, as per the below:

* Four buildings will be completed in this Phase 1 roofing project. These four buildings are noted in a Site Map addenda to this letter. Another five buildings will be re-roofed as part of a Phase 2 (the timing of this is TBD).

* Work will be conducted in a phased manner throughout the association. Work hours will be from 7 AM to 7 PM. We anticipate four to five days per building and with a total work time onsite of approximately two weeks.

* Before we begin at your home, another letter will be posted on your garage door frame with a specific start date. During the work at your home, please remove your vehicle from your driveway as it may be needed for dumpster and debris removal.

* We apologize for any noise disruption due to foot traffic on your roof and various hammering while shingle repairs are being made. We thank you for your patience.

* To avoid accidental breakage, please secure any fragile pictures or items that are attached to your exterior and interior walls. Vibrations from the work could dislodge lose items. Also, should you have any lawn decorations or lawn furniture we ask that you please remove them from the work areas so that accidental, fallen debris does not cause damage.

* If you have a satellite dish on your roof, this will be detached and reset onto satellite mounting brackets. These will be placed in a uniform position on your roof as per the direction of the Board. The cost for these Commdecks will be $200.

* There has been widespread moisture intrusion into attic spaces and homes over the last several years. Recently, we completed four inspections to various attics at the association and have found insufficient levels of insulation and ventilation in the attic spaces. To minimize interior moisture issues in the future, we are proposing attic inspection at your residence to verify the insulation and ventilation. The cost for this during the roofing project is $250. If you are interested in an inspection & report, please contact your property manager.

* Any and all debris will be deposited directly from the roofs into a rolled dumpster or work trucks. We will do our best to minimize mess around your property. Daily site cleanups will occur to minimize roofing waste such as nails. However, use caution when walking as some items may be missed and ensure that children and pets are kept away from the work zone.

* Should you have any questions or concerns about these above-mentioned items please contact your property manager, Kendall Schneider, @ (952) 920-9388. Thank you.