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Roofing and gutter replacement at various apartment buildings.

Wednesday 8th November – Update

Hello The Arbor Apartment Residents!

We are hope you are having a great week!

Day 2 of roofing work is starting today. Yesterday our progress was slightly slowed due to a mechanical issue with our lift; it is being changed out today and we expect a quicker rate of material lifting and disposal now moving forward.

Roofing materials on the first two 3-story apartment buildings for this Phase 1 project were half removed yesterday and new underlayment was applied before work concluded for the day (re: the roofs were “water tight by night”). Both of these first two buildings will be completed on Friday. We will then start the next two over the weekend. There is, however, a 50% chance of rain on the weekend according to the current forecast.

Frosty roofs in the morning require us to take our time early on before temperatures thaw the roofing surfaces. Our installers are tied off and following every safety measure possible on these high buildings. Please see the pictures attached for your reference.

As per our notice yesterday, we are still having issues with cars in the parking lot during our work hours. We are doing the best we can to work around these obstacles and also not cause damage to tires (due to nails), etc.

We will provide another update before the end of the week.


Monday 6th November – Update

Hello The Arbors Apartment Residents!

We began framing in the roof hatches on the 3-story buildings yesterday and are continuing this work today. Please see some pictures below.

Our lift has been delayed one day and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning. Our roofing crews arrived today for a full job start tomorrow. We will have approximately 20 installers in total.

Letters were posted today on the 3-story buildings to notify you   of the shingling work that is upcoming. Materials are all staged and stored on the grounds and we ask that you are careful driving or walking around the jobsite.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact your property manager in the first instance.

We appreciate your cooperation and support.

Thank you!