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Install new flat roofing system and replace all necessary metal work on select buildings and garages.

Monday 16th October – Update 

Hello The Oaks Townhome Association residents!

All flat roofing work has now been completed for at the Association.

Final clean-up will be conducted today. This will include blowing and brushing any loose debris on the grounds. Should you have any concerns with our clean-up please notify us and we will schedule another walk-through as is needed.

All equipment and job-site materials will also be cleaned up and removed from the site today.

Last but not least, city inspections will now be scheduled and this will be completed at the earliest opportunity.

This is our last update for this project. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to perform this work for you and look forward to being a continued resource for your future construction needs!

Thank you.


Thursday 12th October – Update 

Hello The Oaks Townhomes Association residents,

It has been a while since our last update. Work has been relatively quiet as we have been delayed with recent rainy weather and all construction has been completed except for just one final building, #42.

We anticipate that this remaining flat roofing work will conclude by no later than Monday or Tuesday, weather permitting.

City inspections will be scheduled upon full work completion.

Should there be any questions, comments, or concerns about the work that we recently completed at your garage or home, please feel free to contact your manager and we will review as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience over the past several weeks and look forward to working with you again soon!

Monday 25th September – Update 

Happy Monday Oaks Townhomes Association Residents!

A very short (but positive!) update for you this week.

Building 1 is finished except for the perimeter metal which will be completed this week. All garages have been completed. Building 42 flat roofing is scheduled to start Tuesday/Wednesday of this week, weather permitting. This will take one week to complete.

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation.

Have a great week!


Tuesday 19th September – Update 

Hello Oaks Townhomes Association Residents!

We are happy to report that all garages have been completed. Despite the rain on Monday, we are moving along well on Building 1. This building is half complete and we anticipate finishing this by the end of the week, weather permitting. We will then start on the second (and final) building.

Have a great week!


Monday September 11 – Update

Dear Oaks Townhomes Association residents –

We have been lucky with a beautiful stretch of weather last week and it appears that conditions will remain favorable through much of this week. As a result, we have been moving without delay and work is going well.

As we entered into the weekend all of the garages and metal work except for 1/2 of one garage at 3834 had been completed. This garage will be completed this week.

The materials for building #1 have been loaded and we will begin work today. We expect this building to take the entire week to finish, at which point we will then begin the last building.

We wish you a wonderful week!


Week commencing August 28 – Update

Hello Oaks Townhomes Association Residents!

Please find below a detailed update of the project, remembering that the work flow is starting with garages first and then onto main buildings.
1) 3951 Dawn Way garage – Completed (replaced a few sheets of plywood and installed new scuppers and curb metal replaced)

2) 3834 Conroy Trail garage – Completed (extensive wood rot on plywood which required nearly all plywood to be replaced. Installed new scuppers and needed curb metal replaced)

3) 3734 Conroy Trail garage – Completed (needed one piece of plywood replaced and we re-used existing metal as it is newer and matches the other garages. Installed new scuppers)

4) 3765 Conroy Trail garage – Pending

5) 3912 76thgarage (front section) – Completed

6) Building #1 – Materials will be tentatively delivered on September 8th for work to commence

7) Building #42 – Materials will be tentatively delivered on September 8th for work to commence

As always, please contact your manager should you have any questions, comments or concerns.






Week commencing August 21 – Update 

Hello Oaks Townhomes residents!

We began flat roofing work Thursday 24 August at your association. The weather forecast calls for some rain over the next few days but we plan to finish up the week today without delay.

Please see below for a listing of a few useful reminders as well as an update on our work progress thus far (site map & pictures included). As always, please contact your manager should you have any questions, comments or concerns.

The work flow will proceed from garages first to main buildings second in the following sequence:

1) 3951 Dawn Way garage

2) 3834 Conroy Trail garage

3) 3734 Conroy Trail garage

4) 3765 Conroy Trail garage

5) 3912 76th garage (front section)

6) Building #1

7) Building #42

Garage 3951 was the first to start yesterday. The roofing membrane has been applied and we will finish early next week with the new metals. Today we are tearing off old materials and installing new roofing materials at garage 3834. We will also complete the metal work on this garage early next week.

In general, work hours will be from 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday; Saturdays if delayed due to weather. Please do not park your vehicle inside the garage or in the driveway during these times and be attentive when entering/exiting your home.

Debris and dust will fall from the underside of your garage roof and to the floor. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process and, as mentioned, be sure to keep cars and valuables covered or out of the garage to avoid damage or dust from falling objects.

Work will take approximately two to three days for garage and five to seven days for main buildings, weather permitting. We will do our best to complete work in a timely manner.