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Exterior construction including flat roofing, siding, attic insulation/ventilation for 6 buildings.

Week commencing August 28 – Update

Hello Innsbruck Villages Residents!

We are happy to report that work has now concluded. It was a pleasure working with you. Should there be any questions or comments regarding your project, please notify your manager.

Thank you

PCS Residential, Multifamily Division

Ben, Mike and Rochelle


 Week commencing August 21 – Update 

Hello Innsbruck Villages Residents!

You will be happy to know that as of Friday August 25 all trades have been completed on all buildings.

A walk through of each building will be done early this week to address final punch list items which will include: electrical in use outlets, minor clean up, re -check all penetrations for proper flashing’s and caulking, also address the heat cables that may still be in use.

Further, final city inspections are scheduled for the later part of this week.

Material, dump trailer, and job trailer will be offsite Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please notify your manager. Thank you and have a great week!



Week commencing August 14 – Update

Hello Innsbruck Villages residents!

We are on a weather delay today and last week rain caused a slight slowdown in our work progress. Work is moving along well for the most part and only a few items remain, as seen below:

Building 6 – 100% completed. Electrician inspecting all outlets early next week to ensure code compliant in-use covers have been properly installed.

Building 7 – Insulation was completed yesterday. Siding, soffit and fascia has not started. We anticipate this work to begin the end of this week and completed mid next week.

Building 8 – Siding, soffit and fascia to be wrapped up by end of the week.

Building 14 & 17 – 100% completed. Electrician inspecting all outlets earl next week to ensure code compliant in-use covers have been properly installed.

Building 16 – Fully completed except for a storm window for address #5651 that is on special order and due in at the end of the month.

City final inspections will be performed next week once all work has been completed. Due to rain delays we postponed these inspections which were originally planned for this week.

Any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to your manager or association board. We will address items as they arise and as directed by them.

Thank you and stay dry!


Week commencing 7 August – Update


Hello Innsbruck Village Residents!

We are pleased to announce that we do not have many updates to report on this week as we have nearly completed your project. We hope that we have completed all work by the end of next week, weather permitting.

The latest status update per building is as follows:

Building 17 – Siding, soffit and fascia is complete

Building 7 & 8 – Siding, soffit and fascia has commenced

Building 7 – Insulation is scheduled for Monday 14 August and Tuesday 15 August. This is the last building for insulation.

All building still require some miscellaneous metal work to be completed which we plan to complete next week.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your manager. Thank you and we hope you have a great week!



Week commencing 31 July – Update

Happy Monday Innsbruck Villages residents!

This week you may notice far less activity than previous weeks. Work is nearly fully completed and the large-scale work (roofing, windows) means less commotion onsite. Feel free to park freely in your driveway during the day this week as our installation teams are now needing less access via dump trailers and debris removal has finished.

With roofing and windows completed last week across all buildings we will now begin scheduling the completion of punch-list items, as per the below. This week there will be little activity as our siding and metal installers were put on hold until the roofing and windows were fully installed.

The latest status update per building is as follows:

Building 14 – Misc. metal work remains. To be completed next week.

Building 16 – Drip edge and chimney flashing to be completed next week.

Building 17 – Small siding repairs to be completed next week.

Building 6 – Drip edge and chimney flashing remain to be completed next week.

Building 7 – Windows were completely installed since the last update. All that now remains is siding repairs and insulation which will be done next week.

Building 8 – Roofing and window installation was completed last week. Siding repairs will be completed next week.

Final inspections with the city will be scheduled for as soon as next week and into the week following (August 14th). You do not need to be home for these as interior access is typically not required. In rare instances, however, we will contact you directly should the inspector want to look inside at the newly completed work (i.e. in case of attic inspection requests).

The Innsbruck Villages board and property manager will receive our final building by building recap upon project completion. This will summarize the work that we performed.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please notify your manager. Thank you and have a great week!


Week commencing 24 July – Update

Hello Innsbruck Villages Residents!

We hope you had a great weekend. Please see below our latest updates on your exterior construction project. We are getting close to work completion and will post further updates as the remaining items wrap up.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation! We truly appreciate it. Please direct any immediate concerns to your property manager and we will address accordingly.

Building 14 – Roofing, Insulation, siding is done. Metalwork is left to be completed week of the August 7th.No windows are being replaced.
Building 16 – Roofing, Insulation, siding, windows, and metalwork is done. Some misc repair punch list items remain (ie. drip edge and chimney flashing).
Building 17 – Roofing and insulation is done. Siding to start mid to late next week.
Building 6 – Roofing, siding, insulation, and metal work done. Miscellaneous items that remain are: drip edge and drain flashing.
Building 7 – Roofing is done. Windows are set to install Monday and Tuesday of next week. Siding crew to start week of August 7th. Insulation will also be done the week of the 7th.
Building 8 – Insulation is done. Roofing to start Monday the 24th, windows to start Tuesday & Wednesday the 25th-26th. Siding will be completed week of the 14th.

The majority of the work will be completed on all buildings by end of next week except for some siding and the above miscellaneous metal work. These two trades have been delayed due to the fact that they are “last in line” and required all other work to be completed before they can be fully performed and finished.


Week commencing 10 July – Update

Insulation started on building 6 Monday. Building 14 is scheduled for Tuesday, building 16 on Wednesday and building 17 on Thursday. Buildings 7 & 8 will be most likely early next week.

Flat roofing has started on building 17 as of Monday. It should be done by Tuesday. Building 7 will be started Tuesday or Thursday, weather permitting. The last flat roofing work – for building 8 – will be started early next week.

The siding is 90% complete on building 14, just fascia and soffit venting left. Building 6 siding is about 75% done and should be wrapped up by Tuesday. Siding on building 16 will be started Tuesday, 17 early next week, then buildings 7 & 8.

Windows are in from our supplier and we will start this install on building 16 early next week. We should be able to do 1 building per day. Some siding work will be completed after these windows are installed as they will need to be properly flashed afterward.

Mike and the crew are onsite and able to address any minor items that come up during the natural progression of the construction process.  




Week commencing 26 June – Update

Our overall workflow is first flat roofing followed by siding work and then followed by attic insulation/ventilation.

Flat roofing work has been completed at buildings 14 & 6. We anticipate starting flat roofing work on building 16 next Wednesday. This was previously scheduled for this past Wednesday but rain delayed us. Letters will be posted Sunday/Monday before work start.

Siding work on building 14 is approximately 90% completed and for building 6 we will begin re-siding on Monday. We will plan to do some siding work on Tuesday (4th of July) on Building 6.

Our insulators are scheduled to begin work the week of July 10th. They will begin on building 14 and the total duration for all insulation work across the building will be approximately 10 business days.



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