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Can Do Nasty Things To Properties

Minnesota homeowner associations spend thousands of dollars each year fixing leaks that could have been prevented. PCS Residential provides clients the right solutions for a leak-free winter.

A sound roofing system is designed to protect everything inside a home from the elements – especially during the winter season. In below freezing conditions a warm attic can melt snow on a roof and cause water to re-freeze at the eave. This effect forms an ice dam and increases the chance of significant interior damage from water infiltration.

The more snow that melts, the larger the ice dam grows. Minnesota’s increasingly unpredictable winters are the perfect storm for ice dams. Thankfully, PCS Residential helps property managers inspect and mitigate issues that lead to ice dam build up before a small problem becomes a much bigger one:

Contact our team for your community’s ice dam removal services in the Twin Cities.


  • Snow, icicle and ice dam removal charged at $80/hour. A $350 minimum charge will apply to all requests.
  • We will respond to all requests within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • After hours emergency requests are a $500 minimum charge.