Did you know your insurance company covers hail damage to windows?


Minnesota’s huge hailstorm in 2017 damaged thousands of homes in the Twin Cities. The City of North Oaks was in this storm’s path and left behind a lot of destruction.

When it hails, most homeowners immediately think about their roof and wonder if it was damaged. Almost nobody thinks the same about their windows. Unfortunately, if you have a certain type of windows (such as Pella or Kolbe & Kolbe) and they get damaged by hail, left unattended you will end up with wood rot, mold and mildew, condensation, and even reduced energy efficiency. Plus, if not resolved within a certain time frame, you could be paying for new windows out of your pocket and without the help of your insurance company.

We are here to help! Schedule a time for one of our trained restoration professionals to conduct a free, no obligation exterior inspection (you don’t have to attend the inspection as we don’t need to enter your home). Upon completion, we will review and report if there’s enough evidence to support filing a claim and guide you through the process (we do most of the work). If no damage is found, you have the peace of mind knowing your windows weren’t impacted.

We are a local, family-owned and operated business in Eagan and have become Minnesota’s most trusted and experienced insurance and storm damage restoration professionals. Our team is made up of former adjusters, window technicians, general contractors and claim specialists. We’ve got you covered and will guide you through the process of getting you new, energy efficient windows.


We’ve already helped several North Oaks residents get to the path of new windows and would love to help you too!


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