The Pella and PCS Residential partnership was created to help Pella customers identify windows damaged by hail that may have gone unnoticed. Even the slightest dent in a window’s cladding can compromise the integrity of the window and result in a broken seal. If not restored quickly, it can lead to failure of insulated glass units, window fog and condensation, mold, mildew and rotting of the wood.

Common Questions:

Q:  Will my rates go up?
A:  Premiums will increase for everyone living in an area hit by hail, whether you file a claim or not.

Q:  Can my insurance company drop me?
A:  An insurance company cannot drop an insured for making a storm-related claim, it is classified as an “act of God”. However, a history of filing claims could cause them to drop you.

Q:  Windows are expensive, how much will it cost me?
A:  Your premiums reflect the cost to replace similar items on your home if they are damaged. There is no charge above your deductible, unless you choose to upgrade or add materials.

Q:  What if I’ve had a prior claim or the damage is old?
A:  PCS Residential is well-versed in dealing with complex claim scenarios. If your home was insured at the time of the loss, it is likely that damage will be covered.

Q:  The last time I dealt with my insurance company it was a real headache. Do I have to deal with them again?
A:  We hear this a lot. After you file the claim, PCS Residential will take the reins and work directly with your insurance provider so you can carry on with life.

Q:  What kind of warranty do I get?
A:  PCS Residential will warranty all workmanship related defect to the windows, roof and siding for two years, and one year on other trades

Program Success Story

Michael, a Pella customer, made a service call when a window in his home started leaking. The Pella service tech noticed several windows on Michael’s home appeard to have hail damage. The following day, PCS Residential completed an inspection on the home and assisted Michael in filing a claim with his carrier.

PCS Residential negotiated a final settlement for 55 full-unit new Pella windows. A few weeks later, the windows were installed and Michael was extremely happy.

“PCS completed our job with care and precision. The PCS project lead did a wonderful job. He informed us of who was coming and going and had contact information for all if needed. Their contractors were respectful and careful and did high quality work on a project that had very difficult points of access, replacing very large window casings…throughout this significant and complex project, things went according to schedule, their team was always accessible and we had a wonderful outcome. I recommend this company highly and without reservation.”

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