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A General Contractor will bid your job, compete on price and manage the construction, but will have minimal involvement with insurance.

A checklist comparing a general contractor to an insurance restoration contractor


An Insurance Restoration Contractor is a General Contractor that does all the above plus has the experience to provide a turnkey solution to the entire insurance claim and property restoration process, ensuring you get more from your claim.



Hiring the right contractor for insurance claim restoration work comes down to understanding the differences between what a General Contractor and Insurance Restoration Contractor can provide.

Let's break it down for you:

The magnitude of work that goes into preparing and getting your claim approved begins with successfully leading the property inspection. Having the ability to earn credibility and trust with your insurance adjuster is imperative to attaining the most favorable settlement. You need an Insurance Restoration Contractor, like PCS Residential, with experience in knowing what information is required to successfully negotiate your claim, how to compile that information and the capability to provide an estimate for the scope of work at Fair-Market-Value.

Your only responsibility will be to pay your deductible upon approval, there is no financial obligation in the case of a denial. Although it is significantly more difficult to renegotiate a claim once a decision is rendered by an adjuster, we pride ourselves on seeing things through to the end when we are certain of the damage.


We will provide you an initial scope of loss detailing the damaged windows, roofing, siding and gutters, and approximate quantities we believe should be covered. Using our expertise, we will negotiate for what we are confident you deserve. After a settlement is reached, we will meet again to review your claim details, explain the insurance paperwork and outline our next steps, including:

• Product selection
• Material orders
• Quality installation
• Claim close out

With PCS you get a high quality and stress free experience. This means you’re free from having to finagle with multiple contractors, discern between estimates, risk being denied, or settle for the lowest bid.

Select PCS as your restoration contractor, we’ll take care of the rest!

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